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tuple CMFpgForum::sql::SQLMethods::sqlCreateTables [static, inherited]

Initial value:

        """create sequence MESSAGE_BOARD_ID_SEQ<dtml-var sql_delimiter>create table POSTING (  POSTING_ID                           integer primary key not null,  MESSAGE_BOARD_ID                     integer not null,  PARENT_ID                            integer,  THREAD_ID                            integer,  AUTHOR                               varchar(128),  AUTHOR_IP_ADDRESS                    varchar(256),  POSTING_SUBJECT                      varchar(256),  POSTING_BODY                         text,  DATE_CREATED                         timestamp,  DATE_LAST_REPLY                      timestamp,  NUMBER_OF_REPLIES                    integer default 0,  POSTING_PRIORITY                     integer default 10,  THREAD_LOCKED                        boolean default 'f',  SHOW_POSTING                         boolean default 't')<dtml-var sql_delimiter>create sequence POSTING_ID_SEQ<dtml-var sql_delimiter>create table POSTING_KEYWORD (  POSTING_ID                          integer not null,  KEYWORD                             varchar(64) not null,  KEYWORD_IN_SUBJECT                  boolean,  primary key (POSTING_ID, KEYWORD, KEYWORD_IN_SUBJECT))<dtml-var sql_delimiter>create index POSTING_KEYWORD_KEYWORD_INDEX on POSTING_KEYWORD(KEYWORD)<dtml-var sql_delimiter>COMMIT""")

Definition at line 25 of file sql.py.

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